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PRACTICAL WEAR ︎ Every design choice reveals a practical purpose.  It is all about ventilation. Every piece has a feature that is based on letting air in and out. The cape can be worn as a long overcoat, resting on your legs while cycling, or as a cape, hanging over your handlebars.

DESIGN ︎ Starting from a timeless design, every piece was formed through manually drawn patterns, creating flattering and organic shapes. It is possible to think about the design of rainwear in a different way.

MATERIALS ︎ The fabric consists of a polyester knit with a PU coating. The water column is 10.000 mm and is highly water repellent. The knit feels soft and light. The fabric is a little breathable but mostly the comforness is created by ventilation. With a water column of 10.000 mm, the garments are highly waterproof. The quality of the fabric ensures protection from rain. it has a quick dry finish, the fabric dries easily and fast. The fabric is windproof, it will protect you from chilly breezes.

ALL SEASONS ︎ You can wear the cape and trousers without being hindered. They won’t restrict your movements and will also offer protection during a long hike or a city stroll. You won’t have to compromise on style. During warmer days you can wear the cape over your sweater, in winter times it can easily be combined with your winter coat.

ETHICALLY MADE ︎ The garments are handmade in Poland, under good working conditions. The manufaxcturer has a lot of experience in providing high quality products. The fabric is also supplied in Poland, which is keeping the supply chain short and as local as possible.