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A SHORT CAPE ︎ The short cape is a short, women’s coat. The short cape is a different version of the long cape. Finished with a rounded edge for a more elegant fit, giving it a softer appearance.
MATERIALS ︎48 % polyester, 52 % PU
wind & waterproof, water column of 10.000 mm

€ 199
available sizes:
xs s m l 
make sure to visit the sizeguide before ordering! if you have questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail.
is your size not in stock? e-mail us to join the wait list.

available colours:
black, midnight blue, desert & moss green

SPECIFICATIONS ︎ There is a waistband inside the cape, that holds the cape close to you and there are two handles for your handlebars in the front. The side buttons provide a comfortable fit, together with two buttons on the wristbands to form a sleeve. VENTILATION ︎  The zipper goes all the way down, it is easy to put on and off and  reassures your ability to move. The cape is totally open on the sides, so there is a constant circulation of air. HOOD DESIGN ︎ The hood doesn’t limit your view. There is a cap added to the front, which ensures clean vision and keeps your face dry. The three parted hood creates a comfortable fit. The elastics are easily adjustable to secure the hood. The hood turns together with your head for a safe bikeride.It closes separately from the coat which makes it user friendly.  FRONT POCKET ︎ The front hides a small pocket. Measured to fit a cardholder, a thin wallet or your smartphone.